Mar 31, 2016

#021: Dude Shirts

Robb goes Full Zuckerberg and gets fifteen of the same shirt, Cochran is double parked outside of a HJ shop, the Globe gets Trotted, and the episode goes Johnny Rails.

Mar 17, 2016

#020: Zoltan for President

Robb finds his president, Cochran is annoyed by all the miracles everywhere, and we all get Effed by Robots.

Mar 10, 2016


Election 2016 coverage provided by the News-Thrust Mobile News Unit, the news team with more awards than any other news team in the history of news. They give you more news than you need!

Mar 3, 2016

#019: Two Beers, One Cup

Cochran plops that D, Robb becomes D-Plop, and they both get Elbows-Deep in Song.