Feb 23, 2017


Are you tired of all those long-winded, boring, droning podcasts that you listen to day in, day out? Well, have we got a deal for you!

Feb 16, 2017

#043: Thrust-o-Matic

They talk about poker robots and the long history of infomercials. Cochran's logic is too tight, and brings a toilet with him to the golf course. Robb doesn't have to make his own popcorn like a hobo, but is making Dump Dinner tonight.

Feb 2, 2017

#042: The Feldmanisode

They talk about Corey Feldman's Celebrity Wife Swap, and Corey Feldman's Angelic 2 the Core.

Cochran doesn't like one pair of pants as opposed to another, it seems to Robb like this could be admissible in court, Corey Feldman wants tacos, and don't we all have a little Corey Feldman in us.