Nov 24, 2016

#038: Verbal Circumcision

Special guest Joe is the closest thing to Swayze on Earth, Zoltan Istvan is the new president, a guy gets hit with a board with a nail in it, Robb is pretty sure the listeners drink during the show, and Cochran's favorite Phil Collins album is Suggestions.

Nov 10, 2016

#037: The Vacatisode

Cochran has fifteen seconds of video of his favorite song, Robb took an airplane to buy legal drugs, and the audience can totally see them both holding their phones to their faces. Until it's robots, it's always people; and eight-year olds are the worst.

Nov 3, 2016


Chad Stiffington, Bloke Chamberlain, and Penny Cumbersnatch of the News-Thrust Mobile News Unit report from Alpaca Pines, where Cochran, the President of the Alpaca Pines Condo Association, is giving an emergency press conference.